AXOR has always been committed to the development of high-performance products in the field of house cleaning and care of household appliances.

We have established an integrated management system in our company according to ISO 9001 and 14001 high standards, these allow us to the continuous improvement of our products and processes in terms of quality, environment and energy efficiency. Our global quality concept is based on the principles of:

  • The pursuit of customer satisfaction and ascertainment of approval ratings for the products offered
  • All our products undergo rigorous testing and very strict QC procedures to ensure trouble-free performance.
  • Increased business growth through further product development
  • All the products are clearly marked and registered in accordance to current norms and established regulations of the countries in which we operate
  • Attention to the environment and and optimization of energy consumptions

Our application of 360º quality allows us to face the challenges of the market with innovative, high-performance products, certainly suitable to satisfy the audience of the most demanding consumers.


Dasa-Rägister is a high-level international certification corporation, dedicated to the improvement and enhancement of company services. ISO 9001 certification ensures the ability to deliver products that meet customers requirements and applicable regulatory requirements. ISO 14001 guarantees the Company’s environmental management standards.