The Axor range of cleaning products for steam irons can solve all limescale issues, typically occurring in steam appliances, and protect your laundry from stains and wear and tear.

  • DB17 Axor
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    Universal liquid descaler Size: 1000 ml
  • Skal Axor
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    Anti-scale for steam generators and steam irons with separate boiler Size: 15 vials
  • Dem 2x100 Amor
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    DEM 2×100

    Ion exchange resins for demineralizing filters Size: 100 g x 2 sachets
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    Water demineralizing jug for steam irons Size: 1 jug
  • AX/B15 Filtri
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    Spare filters for water demineralizing jug Size: 2 filters

Do you wish to quickly remove limescale and prevent stains on your laundry?

Do you wish to quickly remove limescale from irons with a separate boiler?

Do you wish to prevent the formation of limescale in irons with a separate boiler?

Do you wish to demineralize tap water and protect your steam iron from limescale?

Are you looking for spare filters and spare resins for your demineralizer?

Are you looking for a way to iron your laundry quickly and have soft clothes that smell great?

The expert’s advice

Limescale is the greatest enemy of ironing systems, exactly like all steam systems. This is why it is always advisable to use demineralized water for ironing, but if you decide to use tap water, you should also regularly descale your steam iron in order to keep your appliance in optimal conditions. We offer different solutions for fast and flawless ironing.

You can choose to demineralize tap water. This process reduces water hardness and makes limescale sedimentation less frequent in your appliance. Our proposal is ion-exchange water demineralizer AX/B15 and its spare filters and resins.

In order to keep your appliance working smoothly, it is also advisable to descale it regularly. For this reason Axor created NOCAL, a steam iron liquid descaler, and KAL, a descaler for irons with a separate boiler. These highly efficient, easy-to-use products have non-aggressive descaling power and preserve the appliance’s metal parts. On the other hand, SKAL is the ideal anti-scale product to prevent limescale formation in irons with a separate boiler.

Lastly, STIROPRESTO is the ideal product to make ironing easier. STIROPRESTO untangles textile fibers, makes your clothes smell great and softens them, helping you iron quickly even the most delicate clothes.