The Axor range of cleaning products for dishwashers will extend the life of your appliance. Our products are designed to deeply clean and descale every component of your device, even in the hard to reach or inaccessible areas.

  • K-Kal Amor
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    Powder descaler for dishwashers and washing machines Size: 120 g x 2 sachets
  • K-Sol Axor
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    Powder degreaser for dishwashers and washing machines Size: 120 g x 2 sachets
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    Descaler, degreaser and sanitizer for dishwashers and washing machines Size: 50 g x 12 sachets
  • DB17 Axor
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    Universal liquid descaler Size: 1000 ml
  • Deò Lavastoviglie
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    Dishwasher freshener Size: 2 dishwasher fresheners
  • Brillio Axor
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    Liquid rinse aid for dishwasher Size: 500 ml

Do you wish to completely remove dirty residues from your dishwasher while protecting the internal components from wear and tear?

Do you wish to eliminate limescale build-up for optimal performance?

Do you wish to keep your dishwasher clean and efficient and prevent the formation of limescale, mold and bad smells?

Are you looking for an eco-friendly rinse aid especially designed to protect your tableware and make it shine?

Do you wish you had a universal descaler for all kinds of appliances?

Do you wish to eliminate bad smells and give your tableware a fresh lemon scent?

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The expert’s advice

Limescale and grease are the main enemies of your dishwasher.

During a washing cycle, high temperatures cause mineral salts to sediment on the internal parts of the appliance and especially on coils, so over time their heating efficiency is reduced. Moreover, limescale can sediment on the internal walls and the moving parts of your appliance, limiting their movements and damaging them.

For this reason your dishwasher starts requiring more energy to reach higher temperatures, and soon its performance will no longer be optimal. Therefore, if you want your dishwasher to work perfectly and efficiently, you have to take care of your appliance with regular and specific maintenance treatments.

First of all, if your dishwasher has not been descaled in a long time, you should start with a shock treatment by combining the action of K-SOL, which eliminates greasy residues that could block the action of the descaler, and K-KAL, which completely eliminates limescale and restores your appliance’s optimal conditions.

Now you can plan monthly maintenance using EVER CLEAN, the dishwasher cleaner that helps you keep your appliance regularly clean, limescale- and grease-free, extending its life and preserving its efficiency.