Water softening filter for coffee machines

Size: 2 sachets

 WATERLIGHT is an innovative system designed to soften the water in your coffee machine water tank.

In hard water, the concentration of calcium and magnesium ions causes limescale deposits that alter the taste of your coffee. Over time they can obstruct pipes and cause malfunction in your appliance.

WATERLIGHT contains special ion exchange resins that adjust water hardness to an optimal level – retaining the substances that are responsible for limescale formation and slowing down limescale build up – and prevents bacteria growth into the water tank. Its single sachet format makes WATERLIGHT practical and user-friendly, in order to give you an always perfect coffee.

The resins contained in WATERLIGHT and the filter itself are food safe. 



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Here’s how to use our water softening filter WATERLIGHT:

  1. Extract the softening filter from its sachet.
  2. Wet the filter with tap water for a couple of seconds in order to activate the resins.
  3. Put the filter into the coffee machine water tank and fill the tank with water.
  4. Wait for a couple of hours before using the appliance. It is advisable to refill the water tank in the evening so the filter can take effect.
  5. Substitute the filter at the latest every 3 months. Dispose of used filters in the non-recyclable waste bin.

This product can soften up to 90 liters of tap water depending on the water hardness:

Water hardness              Quantity

15°-20°F                         90 – 70 liters

25°-30°F                         60 – 45 liters

35°-40°F                         40 – 35 liters