Liquid descaler for coffee machines and humidifiers

Size: 250 ml

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RIO is a liquid descaler designed to quickly and efficiently remove limescale without leaving any residues. Tap water contains calcium and magnesium salts that can sediment on the internal parts of the appliance during washing cycles. They inevitably cause limescale deposits, clog up pipes and end up causing malfunctioning and blocking your appliance.

Regularly using RIO restores the optimal conditions of your appliances and preserves the original taste of your coffee.

Its formula contains lactic acid of natural origin, which makes RIO ideal for limescale removal from coffee machines, but also kettles, humidifiers and vaporizers.



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Here’s how to use our liquid descaler RIO:

  1. Remove any filters from the water tank.
  2. Pour into the water tank one RIO dose (50 ml) and 300/400 ml of water.
  3. Press the machine start button or start a descaling program and let the solution flow through the appliance until the water tank is empty.
  4. Rinse the tank with tap water, then fill it up with water and run a descaling program again until the tank is empty.

For removable parts: Pour one RIO dose (50 ml) into a container, add 300/400 ml of water and dip in the items you wish to descale for about 30 minutes, then rinse accurately with tap water.


Reg. 648/2004/CE All. VII, D

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