Universal liquid descaler

Size: 1000 ml

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DB17 is the ideal liquid descaler that helps you clean and remove limescale from all appliances, such as coffee machines, boilers, steam cleaning systems, dishwashers and washing machines.

Tap water contains calcium and magnesium salts that can sediment on the internal parts of the appliance during washing cycles. They inevitably cause limescale deposits, clog up pipes and end up causing malfunctioning and blocking your appliance. DB17’s high-performing formula attacks limescale and removes it, eliminating residues and keeping your appliance efficient in time.

Its formula contains corrosion inhibitors in order to protect the metal parts of your appliance, extend its life and grant its efficiency.

DB17 makes metal shine, leaves no residues, is odourless and user-friendly.




Here’s how to use our universal liquid descaler DB17:

For dishwashers and washing machines:

  1. Make sure your appliance is empty.
  2. Pour 500 ml inside the appliance
  3. Run a 60°C washing cycle without pre-wash.

For kettles and humidifiers:

  1. Pour 50 ml of DB17 and 200 ml of water into the appliance.
  2. Leave it for 60 minutes.
  3. Rinse with water 2-3 times.

For coffee machines:

  1. Pour 50 ml of DB17 and 200 ml of water into the machine water tank.
  2. Press the machine start button and let the solution flow through the appliance.
  3. Rinse with water 2-3 times.

Note: Carefully read the appliance instruction manual before any descaling treatment.


Reg. 648/2004/CE All. VII, D

Acqua – acido solfammidico; acido solfammico – acido fosforico … % – alcool etossilato propossilato – 1h-benzotriazole (1,2,3) – ammonio quaternario, cocco alchilbis(idrossietil)metil, cloruri, etossilati – 1,3-dibutil-2-tiourea – c16-18 alcohols, ethoxylated, phosphates (2 mol eo) – octadecan-1-ol, ethoxylated < 2,5 oe – alcol grasso etossilato