Private Label

Cleaning Products

Production and packaging of customized

products according to your needs

Tailor made service

Axor makes your own line of detergents/cleaners. We take care of all the production steps, from the initial formulation to the packaging.

Our laboratories can study for you new formulations of products, depending on your request, or you can choose from over 100 products already available in the catalogue, certified and proven effectiveness.

During the packaging stage, you can then decide on the type of packaging you want and request customization with your logos and corporate graphics.

Certified quality

All our products have high quality standards of excellence and are
certified by International Bodies of control

Environmental System Standard
is addresses to Companies and Organizations
that want to manage their environmental responsibilities

Quality System Certification according to a number of quality management principles including, customer focus, motivation and implication of management, work process approach and continuous improvement

Production range

House appliances and coffee machine
cleaning and maintenance

Products for cleaning and maintenance
of all kind of appliances and coffee machines:
descalers, degreasers and detergents.

Detergents and cleaners for
all intended uses

Detergents and cleaners for the house cleaning.
Floors, glasses, bathroom and the kitchen cleaning solutions.

House and vacuum
cleaners air freshners

Perfumers and deodorants
for household appliances, vacuum cleaners
and domestic environment

Professional cleaners for construction sites

Cleaners at the end of construction sites
Lime and cement removal
Cleaning of mechanical workshops
Cement sealants

Choose your favourite size

We are able to produce different types of packaging:

  • Liquid
  • Powder
  • Tablet

Just choose the type of the product you need.

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