Axor S.r.l.


Axor s.r.l. was founded in 1980, as the Italian market of home appliances saw its peak. The innovations brought new targets as well as new challenges.
With this thought in mind, Gianfranco Corona, a professional in the field of chemicals, decided to found his own company.

We are at the cutting edge of manufacturing products for the care and maintenance of household appliances. Our main activity is the production of detergents, descalers, degreasers, decarbonizers, water softeners, demineralizers and perfumers. Our goal is to extend the life of home appliances by solving their functioning issues – such as limescale, grease or oil formation, but also burnt residues or bad smells – and designing products more and more user-friendly. In the 2000s Axor approached the thriving field of coffee machines, creating a whole range of specific detergents with excellent results.

In its 40 years of experience on both the Italian and the international market, Axor conceived and designed a wide range of premium quality products for every kind of appliance – washing machines, dishwashers, fridges, ovens, vacuum cleaners, ironing systems, hobs, coffee machines, air conditioners and dryers.

AXOR s.r.l.

Via dell’Artigianato, 8

35020 Pernumia (PD)


VAT number: IT05178190285

Tel: 0429763476



We put our effort every day into creating effective, safe and eco-friendly solutions for our customers.

Our products are constantly checked by our lab technicians, assuring their compliance to the highest standards.

Carefully selected raw materials, complying to the current regulations, and a scrupulous, totally traceable production process are proof of Axor’s company reliability.